6-Week Journal to success with MYOPEP

6-Week Journal to success with MYOPEP

AS: 6-Week Journal to success with MYOPEP

“I am a high level bodybuilder and have been for the last 6 years.   In the last six months muscle gains and body fat levels had been stalled due to ever increasing plateaus experienced during the off season.  I have been on a lot of supplements, fat burning and muscle growth products over time, some which I professionally endorse.  I also get a lot of new and experimental products that many companies claim various things but nothing can get me out of this plateau phase.  It feels as if my body cannot go any further.  It makes sense that a myostatin inhibitor may unleash further potential in me.  I have made a little journal below for you about my experience with FS26 over the month.

Week 1 10/9/2011

I immediately noticed heavy activity in the CNS, following by an intense concentration. Upon entering the gym and beginning my workout I noticed an intense focus and endurance when using heavy resistance and I could feel more muscle fiber recruitment.  My workout routine was more vigorous and totally different to what I had been doing for 8 weeks so I would have expected to get quicker lactic acid build up.  This was interestingly minimal and I kept going longer than I would have expected.  The next day, amazingly, I did not have any DOMS present the next day.

Week 2 17/9/2011

I have lost close to 2 kilos of body fat!  I feel the fat coming out the back end and my stools have changed.  I have this incredible pumped feeling as if I never stopped working out and feel very focused.  After performing my workout today once again I felt an intense focused feeling and once again felt even more muscle recruitment, along with strength gain and minimal lactic acid build up. My muscularity is far more evident and my muscles feel harder.

Week 3 24/9/2011

I am experiencing amazing muscle maturity.  My muscles are looking fuller and bigger though my bodyweight is decreasing. I have lost a further 1-kilogram of pure body fat, and my strength has increased.

Week 4 31/9/2011

My muscularity has drawn water out.  My muscles are looking full and hard, maturity ever so evident. I can see further fat loss.  I believe that more neuron pathways have been recruited. My muscle fibers are growing and repairing at an incredible rate.

I want to thank you for allowing me to test your product.  I can’t believe what it has done for me without any apparent side effects.  A few of my mates cannot wait to get their hands on it.  I look forward to the next lot and will keep you up to date.

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